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Celebrate Your Period

By, Amanda d'Almeida MD, MPH

Navigate your period with confidence—a guide for girls ages 10 to 14

Getting your period can be exciting… and also a bit nerve-wracking. Help calm fears and answer questions with Celebrate Your Period, a comprehensive guide that demystifies all things menstruation-related.  

What sets this apart from other puberty books for girls:

  • Biology basics—Kids will gain a better understanding of what’s going on inside their body during every facet of the menstrual cycle, including ovulation and the powerful effects of hormones.

  • What to expect—Girls will feel prepared for their period as they learn what to anticipate, the various products available, and how to manage physical and emotional symptoms.

  • Helpful illustrations—Playful pictures make for an engaging read while informative health graphics act as visual aids for all of the facts discussed.


Help tweens and teens feel empowered when it comes to their period with this body-positive guide.

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